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Intelligent Ringer Android App Adjusts Volume Based on Ambient Noise

Everyone has gone through the frustrating experience of having their ringer go off too loudly in a meeting or not hearing it all because your phone is in your pocket. Intelligent Ringer knows when to be soft and when to be loud because it sets your Android phone's volume based on the ambient noise level.

Intelligent Ringer uses your smartphone’s microphone to analyze how loud or quiet your surroundings are. For example, the app will automatically make your ringtone louder at a party or concert, but will lower it when you’re at the library or at work.

Intelligent Ringer also detects whether or not your phone is in your pocket or purse by using proximity sensors. However, the app will not change your ringtone settings if you set your phone to silent mode.

Other apps like Ringer Volume and Ringer Volume Scheduler offer similar features, but don’t automatically change your ringtone based on your environment. Instead, these apps allow you to schedule a time to change your device’s ringtone volume. 

You can download Intelligent Ringer now in the Google Play Store