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Intel Unveils New Merrifield Smartphone Chip With Integrated Sensor Hub

TAIPEI, TAIWAN-- During its Computex keynote Intel unveiled the first reference design for its new 22nm Merrifield smartphone processor. Devices running on the new chip aren’t expected to hit the market until early 2014, but Intel’s Tom Killroy flaunted a smartphone packing Merrifield on stage at the event.

Intel says that Merrifield is based on a new Atom structure that allows for speedier performance and less power consumption, although we couldn’t get a clear look at the hardware Killroy held on stage.

Interestingly enough, Killroy mentioned that Merrifield will come with an “integrated sensor hub” for privacy and personalized services, which could hint that eye-tracking tech or a new method of finger-based security could be in the works.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see this type of technology appear in future Merrifield-based devices. The newest generation of smartphones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Motorola’s recently announced Moto X, come with such integrated sensors.