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Video: Intel Medfield Android Tablet Struts Its Stuff

After briefly flashing a Medfield-based tablet at this morning's IDF keynote address, Intel gave journalists a slightly closer look at the Honeycomb slate during one of its afternoon press briefings. During a session about moving to 22nm chips and beyond run by Intel VP Steven L. Smith, company rep Tejas Desai came on stage and briefly demonstrated the tablet's ability to run graphics-intensive apps on Google's latest operating system.

In the video below, you'll see the Medfield tablet running a complex 3D app called Body and an Internet-based news app called Pulse. He says that Intel is still optimizing the software for power efficiency and performance, but that this reference design will be available to OEMs who can use it as the basis for their own products. Details are still sparse and we'd like to see a more attractive chassis, but it looks like Medfield tablets are on the way.