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Intel Announces First-ever Mobile Xeon CPUs

While there’s no shortage of fast laptop processors such as the 3.1-GHz Intel Core i7-4940MX Extreme Edition or the  2.9-GHz Core i7-5950HQ, people who wanted the stability of Intel’s Xeon series CPUs on mobile systems previously had to shoehorn chips meant for desktops into a laptop chassis.

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But with Intel’s new Xeon E3-1500M V5 CPU, those problems should be a thing of the past. While there’s no information yet on pricing or specs, Intel claims this first ever mobile-version of its Xeon chips is purpose-built for portable workstations. The processor is based on the upcoming 6th gen Skylake architecture, and supports ECC memory, which can automatically find and repair the errors that cause data corruption and crashes.

Its stability makes the E3-1500M V5 the CPU of choice for people who can’t afford service interruptions or downtime during major projects. Intel has also promised to create a list of certified software for computer-aided design, engineering, and digital media production, so owners will know which programs are guaranteed to work without issue on their machines.

Intel also announced that systems featuring a Xeon CPU will include Intel vPro tech for security and management, and Thunderbolt 3 ports, which have the reversible USB-C connector and can carry data at speeds up to 40 gbps or power 4K displays.

The E3-1500M V5 will be available this fall when Skylake is officially launched, but for more specific information, stay tuned to our coverage of the Intel Developer Forum which starts August 18.