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Intel Teases 14nm Laptop, Sub-$100 Tablets For Holidays

It was only a few months ago that Intel started shipping systems with 22nm Haswell chips, but the company is already moving on to the next phase in its development. Today at Intel Developer Forum, CEO Brian Krzanich briefly showed off a laptop using the company's next-generation 14nm Broadwell Core series chip, and he said that we'd see products based on it next year. 

Moving to 14nm would likely mean lower power consumption, thinner designs and fanless laptops. Though he didn't share any details about the prototype, he did show it running "Cut the Rope" as proof that it was actually a working sample. In addition to the Core series based Broadwell, Krzanich said that the company would have a 14nm version of Atom by the end of next year.

Krzanich also displayed a wall of hybrids, saying that there are currently 60 hybrid designs with Intel processors on the market. He flashed a Lenovo 8-inch tablet (likely the Mix 8 we saw at Computex) and said that sub-$100 tablets with Intel chips would be available by the end of this year. There's no word on which manufacturers would be selling these sub-$100 tablets and whether they will run Android or Windows 8.1.