How to Transfer Notes from Evernote to OneNote

Evernote isn’t for everyone. In fact, after its recent price hike it seems that users left in droves looking for a capable replacement. Of the free alternatives, few stand out. Microsoft’s own OneNote is arguably the best of the bunch and thanks to a helpful tool you can import all of your Evernote Notes onto the new platform with minimal work.

OneNote is free and fully capable of being a full-fledged Evernote replacement after significant updates over the past several years.

1. Download the OneNote Importer tool and click the downloaded file to open.

2. Accept the terms of the license agreement and click Get started.

3. Select the Evernote Notebooks you wish to import and click Next.

4. Sign in to your Microsoft account.

5. Check the box if you’d like OneNote to use your Evernote tags for better organization, or just click Import if you’d like to sort it later.

6. Click View notes in OneNote to sort and better organize your notes and notebooks.