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iLuv Announces SmashBox Pro Smartphone Case with Built-In Speaker

Prior to CES next week, accessories maker iLuv has announced a new smartphone/MP3 case that will be on hand at the show. The SmashBox Pro (iSP123) Portable Stereo Speaker Case is one-size-fits-all, so Android and iPhone users alike—and even those old-school enough to still rock a dedicated music device—can get in on the action.

The company says the SmashBox Pro (iSP123) Portable Stereo Speaker Case is "for music lovers with active lifestyles." Accordingly, it's ruggedized to help withstand bumps and drops, and includes a built-in microphone to pump up the tunes of your choice. The mic has a hands-free setting, which would come in handy during workouts. In addition to its audio cred, iLuv is touting the SmashBox Pro's ease of use; there's a multipurpose button that lets users control playback and make and answer calls without opening the case. (All that functionality is powered by AA batteries.)

The SmashBox Pro will come to market in May and retail for $24.99. We'll be giving it a test run (literally) when we see it Vegas.