iBuyPower To Replace Dangerous Lid Logo on Battalion Touch CZ-10

We're used to cutting ourselves when working on the inside of our desktop computers, but a blood-thirsty notebook lid is a new type of computing hazard. Unfortunately, while reviewing iBuyPower's new multi-touch gaming rig we discovered that something as innocuous as the manufacturer's beveled logo can cause serious injury. After our report, iBuyPower has discovered that too.

While testing  the iBuyPower Battalion Touch CZ-10, we noticed that the aluminum iBuyPower logo, which is attached  to the lid of the notebook by some sort of low-end adhesive, began to peel. That wouldn't be particularly noteworthy except for the fact that one of the pointy edges in the letter "W" slashed my hand as I was closing the lid. We've had a similar issue with an iBuyPower before; the sticker for the Battalion 101 came off, but as it was plastic, it didn't result in bloodshed.

Above is a closeup shot of the blood-splattered logo. Below is the result of our fateful encounter.

When we reached out to iBuyPower, the company stated that fewer than 1 percent of recently shipped systems use the same labeling. Our rep told us that "We take the safety of our products seriously, and the last thing we want is our brand labeling to interfere with the operation or safe handling of our systems."

After some internal investigating, iBuyPower told us that it has now discontinued using the aluminum logos and will be replacing them with the standard Battalion 101 plate-style label with rounded edges. A new Battalion Touch brand label with "improved materials" will also be created. If you have bought and received a system with the dangerous logo, you should contact iBuyPower support.

This whole incident just goes to show how even the tiniest details can make a huge difference when you're using your notebook.