Help Me Laptop: I Want a Gaming Laptop with Windows 7

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As time passes, new operating systems arrive. And while we might not like all of the changes that Microsoft or Apple makes, it's generally in our best interest to move on, so we get continued support.

ComputerGamer25 posted on our forums that while they need a gaming computer, they absolutely don't want Windows 10. Following a horrible incident in which the user's mother broke their old laptop, they need to get a new one. And the current machines all come with the operating system ComputerGamer25 abhors.

"So, I hate Windows 10, and all the gaming laptops come with it installed," they wrote. "I can't imagine spending $1,500-$2,000 for a gaming laptop with an operating system I would hate. ... If I post the specifications, can you tell me if I can uninstall Windows 10 and replace it with Windows 7? I've been dragging my feet for two months now because I hate Windows 10."


To find out if a computer works with Windows 7, you would need to go through every single part and make sure there's a working Windows 7 driver for it. And with most if not all gaming laptops selling with Windows 10 these days, that's unlikely to be true (though not entirely impossible).

Look, I spend my career trying to help people get the best tech they can get in a way that makes them happy. But ComputerGamer25, I have some tough love for you…

Get a machine with Windows 10.

If you want the best performance from the newest parts, you'll want Windows 10. That way, you'll get driver updates. You'll also get more security patches and, in the future, more feature updates. While most games still go as far back as Windows 7 or 8 (and, in some cases, Vista) in their recommended specs, that will one day change. And don't you want your laptop to be as future-proof as possible? Don't you want it as secure as possible? Don't you want updates?

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Windows 7 mainstream support ended on Jan. 13, 2015. Its extended support ends on Jan. 14, 2020. Windows 10? Ongoing as long as you keep updating.

Look, I'm not all mean. You can also take a look at our guide for making Windows 10 feel more like Windows 7. With those tips, you can get your old task bar back, hide Cortana and, if you're a real masochist, put Internet Explorer front and center. Heck, you can even hide the lock screen. See? Feels better already.

So, go buy a good, new gaming PC. It will come with Windows 10. You'll live, get updates and you'll get to keep playing your games. Right now, you're not playing any games. Which option sounds better?

Yeah, I thought so, too.

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  • Came Lot Says:

    You're not a person whose advice I would follow. If Computergamer25 actually followed your advice he would have lost his files or bdos or spyware or his windows pro license downgraded for a day or...

  • JoJo5 Says:

    You don't seem to get what is a freedom of choice all about - if he says he doesn't want computer with shitty Windows 10 - it's not your fking job to criticize his choice.
    Not I do not give a flying F what you prefer.

  • raiderman Says:

    Not to mention the built in spyware and key logging. Windows 10 is a joke, and is meant for a userbase that are not power users. Its a dumbed down pastel colored POS.

  • Chronic Says:

    Why you at least didnt write out list of chipsets which support Windows 7?

  • Alexander Says:

    I appreciate the article Andrew but just wanted to point out that not wanting Windows 10 is more than not liking the look and feel of it. I just spent $2k on a new gaming laptop that is running Windows 10. It isn't able to render graphics or text legibly on any auxiliary HD screen that's plugged into it. This is currently an issue with all laptops running Windows 10 and Microsoft doesn't have a fix in the pipeline for it. They spent a year doing a proof-of-concept trying to get Notepad, the simplest of apps, to render text properly. My ten year-old Acer running Windows 7 has no problem with it. I now have to return the new laptop that I purchased and have no idea what my next move is given that I can't currently afford a mac that has the specs that I need.

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