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Hyundai Genesis Blue Link System Puts Google Behind The Wheel

Hyundai is putting Google behind the wheel of its new 2015 Genesis luxury sedan with the introduction of its second-generation Blue Link infotainment system. Updates to the platform include Google search capabilities, a new Genesis Intelligent Assistant app for iOS and Android and a production-grade Google Glass app that will be available when the car goes on sale later this year.

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Hyundai says the improved version of the setup, which runs over Verizon's 3G network, allows for users to connect both in and outside their vehicles. Starting before you crank up the Genesis, you can open the Intelligent Assistant app to start and stop your engine, check the temperature to heat or cool your car, turn on the lights or alarm and even determine how long it will take to get to your next appointment so you know when to leave.

Want to take the experience a bit further? Download the Genesis Intelligent Assistant app for Google Glass to control your vehicle from your headset. All of the options available through the standard iOS and Android apps are all there, with the added benefit of never having to take out your handset.

When you turn the key and jump into the Genesis, you get access to Hyundai's second-generation Blue Link infotainment system, which features enhanced Google search capabilities. Want a bite to eat , use the Genesis' voice controls to pull up listings for Shake Shack and get its exact address, directions and even its hours of operating and phone number.

Overall, we found Hyundai's new system to be a rather large upgrade from its previous generation. The enhanced Google search functionality is excellent and the ability to control your vehicle from Google Glass, though niche, is fun to use. Watch for the 2015 Genesis to hit the road later this year.