HP's Stylish New Mini 210 Rocks The Dual-Core Atom CPU

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Last year when HP introduced the original Mini 210 we praised its design and keyboard/touchpad combo, but the battery life left something to be desired. Today the company announced a refresh for the netbook that includes an improved keyboard and touchpad, Intel’s dual-core Atom CPU, easier upgradability, and a wide range of beautiful colors.

The HP Mini 210-2061NR is definitely a good-looking machine. Though the 10.1-inch system weighs a little over 3 pounds, it’s less than an inch thick and feels really good in the hand. The 360 degree design gives it an all-over smooth and seamless look. Plus, whichever color you choose – charcoal, crimson red, luminous rose, lavender frost, or ocean drive – extends from the lid to the bottom of the netbook. I also like that the lid and bottom have a matte finish, so fingerprints shouldn’t be an issue.

Though this isn’t one of the runway-ready HP models, style is clearly an important factor. The netbook comes with a matching sleeve and users can also opt for a matching wireless mini mouse with micro receiver.

The bottom panel removes easily, as you’ll see in our hands-on video below, and allows easy access for users who want to upgrade the hardware themselves. Sadly, the max RAM this system can take is 1GB, but perhaps it will be enough for the 1.66-GHz Intel Atom N455 dual-core processor. The hard drive is a speedy 7,200 rpm with 250GB of space. And wireless N for fast Internet access.

Even though the Mini 210 will come with Intel’s integrated graphics standard, the dual-core CPU is supposed to power this baby enough for smooth full screen 720p video and streaming media. With great power comes great battery drain, so users might want to opt for the 6-cell battery over the 3-cell. Configurations start at $329.

We’re looking forward to putting this to the test when the netbook comes out.

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  • TinkerTenor Says:

    One nice thing about the N450 was that despite what was publicized by HP, it would run with up to 2GB of RAM. Granted it was DDR2 instead of DDR3, but its sort of a toss-up as to which is a larger benefit in my opinion. I think it has more to do with Intel wanting to keep netbooks and laptops separate...cripple the netbooks on purpose so anyone who wants to multitask much will decide to spend twice the money on a laptop instead. Or maybe that's just my paranoid consumer coming out again...

  • Iqbal Says:

    Voglio comprare questo (HP’s Stylish New Mini 210 Rocks The Dual-Core)
    Ma dove posso trovare???? This is realy nice. In ITALY from where can buy?

  • Disappointing Keyboard Says:

    When you review it, I think you'll find that you cannot use Fn+LeftArrow, Fn+RightArrow, Fn+UpArrow and Fn+DownArrow to get Home, End, PageUp and PageDown, respectively. It's a manufacturing defect.

  • Ashy Says:

    Thank you for the information. :)

  • Avram Piltch Says:

    yup, i have seen one in person at a press briefing and it looked teal to me

  • Ashy Says:

    You speak from having physically seen one? I would infer teal from the 'Ocean' part, but all of HP's promo stuff makes it look blue.

  • Avram Piltch Says:

    The Ocean Drive is definitely teal.

  • Ashy Says:

    I was curious-- in the video, the Ocean Drive looks like a teal color, but on the HP website and in its glamour shots it's decidedly sky blue. What color *is* it in real life? Thanks!

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