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HP Mini 5102 Reviewed: 10 Hours Strong, Durable Design

It's made to last, in more ways than one. Decked out in aluminum and magnesium, the HP Mini 5102 is easily one of the most durable netbooks out there, and thanks to Intel's latest N450 processor, this machine lasted just over 10 hours on our battery test. You also get a comfy 95-percent size keyboard, strong security software, instant-on Web browsing, and surprisingly loud speakers.

What's not to like? Not much. The glossy touchpad is a bit small and causes some friction. And the $424 price, with 6-cell battery, is $25 more than the new Toshiba mini NB305 and $100 more than the Acer Aspire One A0532h. But once you read the review you'll quickly see why the Mini 5102 deserves our Editors' Choice award.