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How to Use the Jelly Social Picture App

Wanna know if you should wear the black dress or the red dress to your cousin's wedding? Snap a pic and ask Jelly. Can't identify that fruit in the grocery store? Take a picture and ask Jelly. Wondering exactly where you were in that photo you took in Paris when you got lost? Upload it to Jelly and ask. That's the idea behind the new Jelly app, from the brain of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. 

The iOS or Android app, which borrows features from Instagram and combines them with features from Quora, connects to your Facebook or Twitter account. You can take or upload pictures, add a question on top, and share those questions with other Jelly users that are on Twitter or Facebook. And, for those so inclined, you can answer others questions as well. 

Ready to dive in? Here's how to use the new Jelly app. 

1. Download Jelly from the App Store. The app is also available on Google Play.

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2. Open the App.

3. Swipe down the Welcome message.

4. Select the social network to connect with.

5. Click OK to allow the Jelly to receive information from your social network. 

6. Tap another social network to add it too, or tap Get Started. You'll have to decide if you wanna use your current location and if you want to receive push notifications. 

7. Tap the camera icon to take a photo or upload a photo from your gallery. 

8. Edit the photo with a swipe and tap Use. 

9. Enter your question. From left to right, the green pie chart will let you know how many characters you have left. The link icon will allow you to enter a Web address. The highlighter will let you draw on the photo. Press Send. 

10. Tap Answer to chime in. You can also forward photos to someone who may have an answer. To see the questions you've asked, tap the icon of the person's head.