How to Turn Off Spotify Auto-Start

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Spotify is great for streaming a huge selection of music, but the app itself can be a little overbearing. If you've recently installed Spotify's desktop application, you might find that when you turn on your computer Spotify starts up without your permission. Take back your life! Here's how to show that presumptuous program who's boss and disable auto-start.

How To Turn Off Spotify Auto-Start on a PC

1. Click Edit in the upper-left corner of the Spotify desktop application interface.

2. Click Preferences from the drop-down menu.


3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Preferences screen. 

At the bottom of the Preferences screen, there is a set of options under the heading "Open Spotify Automatically After You Log Into the Computer." Open Automatically is selected by default.

4. Click the circle next to Don't Open Automatically. 

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How To Turn Off Spotify Auto-Start on a Mac

1. Click Spotify in the upper-left corner of the Spotify desktop application interface.

2. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

4. Toggle Don't Open Automatically to On at the bottom of the Preferences screen. You'll have to scroll down all the way.

Spotify Automatic Start Location on Mac Version

That's it! These settings also give the option to open Spotify automatically, but minimized.

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  • jewell Says:

    I actually had to create a log-in account to access edit-preference-advance settings to turn off automatic start-up. This teaches me not to accept all updates without checking out what I am agreeing to.I am not super tech savvy, but Spotify is one of the most overbearing annoying app ever!!

  • Benjamin Pyke Says:

    It doesn't work for me. According to the settings, it shouldn't be starting automatically, but it still is. :-(

  • Murial T Says:

    Missed a step...

    After Preferences click ADVANCED SETTINGS, then you can click on STARTUP AND WINDOWS BEHAVIOUR to click off "Open Spotify automatically after you login to your computer." =)

  • Douglas Sturges Says:

    You're missing a step between 3 and 4. You must click, "Advanced options".


  • Adrienne Says:

    Why not make it possible to stop it directly from the app??

  • John Honeyman Says:

    I have repeatedly hit "No" for automatic startup on my Mac and Spotify will not take no for an answer. Repeatedly starts up when I boot. I tried hitting No then enter, no difference, there is no save changes option either. I will delete the app if I can't resolve this.

  • Becky Says:

    This worked! Thank you! It was driving me crazy, as well.

  • Kay Says:

    I clicked on preferences, but nothing happens. The drop down menu just disappears!

  • from Says:

    What Sam said.

  • Sam Says:

    This doesn't actually work. It still starts up

  • Franny Says:

    Thanks. this was driving me mad.

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