How To Perform a Hard Reset in Windows 8

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Sometimes you just have to undo everything and start over, particularly on your computer. Luckily, Microsoft has made it quite easy to reset your WIndows 8 system without having to completely reinstall the OS. Here's how.

1. Hover your mouse over the right top (or right bottom) corner of your screen to bring up the Charms menu.

2. Select Settings.

3. Select More PC Settings at the bottom.

4. Select General then select either Refresh or Reset.

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  • Alberto Says:

    pls I need your help someone copied movies on using a flash since then my PC is not booting it will write hibernating and won't process beyond that pls what can I do.the window is 8pro

  • jahirhussain Says:

    You can't sing in to your pc right now go to account. to fix the problem or try the last password you used on this pc

  • jahir Says:

    Not open my lop top password laked reset my laptop

  • Christian Says:

    when I try to access the more pc settings on my sisters Samsung Windows 8 laptop, it says I have to refresh it in order to go into more pc settings. I figure that I have to be on the administration account but she forgot the password so we have been trying on the guest account.
    any ideas to help us out?
    thanks in advance

  • Krystal Pierce Says:

    it's stuck on a pink scream that says failure configuring windows update. reverting changes do not turn off computer

  • johnny Says:

    I have windows 8 x64 on an acer aspire 5600u touchscreen desktop..... it turns on, flashes once real quick. then goes straight to a black screen, with the power led on. I cant use any esc, alt . funtion, windows or shift keys.... i power off and hold the power button for 20 seconds and it wont let me have any options still. It dose that failed updates thing and resets it self 3 times taking all day then works for for a day then reboots it self with same error now it wont turn on

  • mike Says:

    This is not a hard reset.
    A hard reset means not using software.
    I cannot boot into windows to access these settings, that's why I need a hard reset.

  • Arun Says:

    im having a Dell Inspiron5323 (intel i7)
    with windows 8 with no Hard disk partition.

    i want to format my laptop & re-install windows8 and make 2 partition (Hard disk)

    "my windows8 is activated but i dont know the activation code "

    Please help

    Thanks in advance

  • Josh Says:

    Get avast and run a full system scan then once it's disabled whatever stupid virus that is preventing you from restoring, operate the restore.

  • ajd Says:


    im having various problems with windows update, antivirus, ...

    and i want to do a reset to to factory settings but i cant!

    ive tried every kind of reset: full, clean up, tried it in safe mode, ... nothing works i allways get a message saying theres a problem and that nothing was changed and when i click on solutions nothing happens either...

    ive googled this a million times and there doesnt seem to be anyone with the same issue

    any ideas on how i can do a full reset?

    thanks in advance!

    ps: i dont have a windows 8 cd or a recovery cd or anything like that since i used to be able to reset the normal way described here before

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