21 Essential Apple iOS 6 Tips

It’s the brains of the new iPhone 5, but iOS 6 is much, much bigger than that. Apple’s new software runs on any iPhone dating back to the 3GS, the iPad 2 or 3, and the fourth-gen iPod touch. In other words, hundreds of millions of people cantake advantage of Apple’s new features, from VIPs in the Mail app and responding to calls with texts to shared Photo Streams and Facebook integration.

Some features are only available on newer devices. For example, you can enjoy Siri and her newfound ability to book a restaurant reservation on the iPhone 4S and third-gen iPad. And turn-by-turn navigation using Apple’s new Maps app works on the iPhone 4, 4S and third-gen iPad.

Nevertheless, iOS 6 offers a ton of cool enhancements that will make your life easier. And we’re going to show you how to use them.



Facebook and Twitter Integration 

 Photo Sharing 




Daniel P. Howley
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