How to Pin Your Web Pages to Windows 8's Start Screen

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Checking out our favorite websites have become part of our daily routines, like taking out the trash or checking the mail (physical or electronic). Windows 8 allows you to pin your favorite sites to its Start Screen, giving each its own tile which serves as a shortcut directly to the web page.

To create tiles for your favorite sites in Windows 8:

  1. Navigate to a page that you want to create a tile for.

  2. Right-click or swipe up to open the App Bar.

  3. Click Pin site.

  4. Click Pin to Start. 

  5. Click the Pin to Start button to create the tile.

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  • Ying Ying Says:

    Seems like this works in 8.1 only when you launch chrome in win 8 mode. But Chrome in win 8 has the cursor jumping to the center whenever you hit the edges of the screen. But you could launch in win 8 mode, pin everything you need and then get back to desktop mode. The tile on the start screen will open fine in desktop mode =) The way to pin Chrome webpages is to go to the page, open the chrome settings tab, (the one with three horizontal lines), go under bookmarks and select pin to start screen.

  • Geoffrey Says:

    Took me way to long, but figured it out in 8.1 - Do as above but instead of seeing a push pin at the bottom of the screen, you'll see a "Favorites" star. Click the star then the push pin will show up a bit higher on the screen.

  • Jerry Says:

    I can not get this to work with windows 8.1. It did work with windows 8.0.

  • Bob Markowitz Says:

    Sorry, I need more help on this. The only way I know to navigate to a web site is via Chrome (didn't try I.E.). I tried launching Chrome both for desktop and for Metro, but in both cases swiping up from the bottom of the screen did nothing. I tried right clicking in several places (it was never specified where to right click), but nothing happened except the usual Chrome context selections.

    Where am I going wrong? Obviously I couldn't even try to do any of the subsequent steps.

  • Andrew Says:

    how do you change the icon for the pinned website?

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