How to Print in Android 4.4 KitKat

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Many Android users use their devices to print out pictures, documents and other files on connected cloud printers. In previous versions of Android, this task was accomplished by way of Google Cloud Print or other manufacturer-specific apps. With Android 4.4, however, Google has brought cloud printing into the core Android operating system, giving users many more ways to print to connected printers. Here’s how to print wirelessly in Android 4.4 KitKat, demonstrated by printing a picture in the Photos app.

1. Tap the Settings Icon to launch the settings app.

 step 1 tap settings 224x400

2. Tap on Printing under the System subsection.

 step 2 select printing 2438981387600208 224x400

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3. Tap on Cloud Print and turn the service on with the slider. If you’ve previously used Cloud Print, you’ll see a list of available printers populate.

 step 3 tap on cloud print 2438981387600233 445336

4. Open the Photos app, and locate the picture you’d like to print.

 step 4 open the photos app 2438981387600294 224x400

5. Tap the Menu button. This is located in the top-left corner on the Nexus 5, across the bottom of the screen in Google Play edition devices, and in various locations on other devices.

 step 5 tap the menu button 224x400

6. Tap Print in the dropdown menu.

step 6 tap print 224x400

7. Select your Printer from the drop down menu on the printing pop-up screen.

 step 7 select your printer 224x400

8. Tap Print at the bottom of the pop-up screen to send the picture to your connected printer.

step 8 tap print 224x400