How to Add Another 90 Days to Your Windows 8 Trial

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Extend Your Windows 8 Evaluation Period

Whether you want to try Windows 8 out  to see what it looks or you're evaluating it for deployment across your business, you'll appreciate the free 90 day trial of Windows 8 Enterprise Microsoft makes available. However, if 90 days is not enough, you can renew the trial period once it has expired with just one simple command. Just follow these steps:

  1. Launch the command prompt with admin permissions. The easiest way to get to the command prompt is to hit Windows + X and select Command Prompt (Admin).
    Select Command Prompt (Admin)
  2. Enter slmgr -reaarm at the command prompt and hit Enter.
    Type slmgr -rearm at the command promptAfter you hit Enter, you'll get an alert which says "Command completed successfully." Click Ok. 
    Windows Script Host will say command completed successfully 
  3. Reboot the computer. 

The corner of the screen should now show that you have a new 90-day trial. After that trial is expired, you'll need to buy Windows 8, stop using it or wipe your computer and reinstall.

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  • James Says:

    Life saver!!! Thanks a lot for this man I appreciate it, saved me lots of hassle and stress

  • Flip35 Says:

    omg, it worked xD, word 2013 - here I come! (I have to add 5 more characters because reasons)

  • Jayless Says:

    Chris Steele, dont blame Microsoft. The reason you dont have a physical copy is because you bought a cheap laptop which does not include the physical copy to keep prices lower. You should have realized that when you bought the computer.

  • Chris Steele Says:

    Microsoft had better take a hard long look at their new authentication scheme because as an owner of a pre-installed version of windows 8 I am DISALLOWED a physical copy of the software so I downloaded the 90 day Trial Version of Enterprise now it's expired and I feel ripped off!

  • kris Says:

    It didn't work. However on my desk top in lower right corner it says "windows 8.1 build 9600", which wasn't there before. I still get a prompt to reactivate in word and excel

  • Naeem Says:

    I am receiving an error mentioned below, can you help me with that?

    Error: 0xC004FE00 On a computer running Microsoft Windows non-core edition, run 'slui.exe 0x2a 0xC004FE00' to display the error text.

    I tried to type the error in run but i couldn't find the error.

    Please help me!

  • Ali Says:

    Thank you so much, it helped me.

  • Rahul Ramesh Says:

    Thanks a lot for this tip. It worked like a charm! And the command is slmgr -rearm, additional a was a typo i guess.

    Thanks you!!! :)

  • Simon Says:

    Oh btw thank you for this useful post.

  • Simon Says:

    The cmd is:>>>

    slmgr -rearm

    You got a typo as>>> slmgr -reaarm

  • Illinois Fritz Says:

    I hope this works... I have it on my laptop that I hardly use and don't feel like reinstalling Ubuntu just yet.

    Question, though: in the text you wrote 'slmgr -reaarm' but in the CMD box it shows '-rearm' (only 1 a). Which one is correct ?

    I'll try both.

    Thanks for the tip... have a great day :)

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