Hands-On With the Microvision Pico P Projector

Unlike "pocket projectors," the Pico P is a truly mobile video device that slides easily into a pocket. We had time to play with a prototype (in the video below) and it was incredibly light in  hand; it weighed about as much as a cell phone. In fact, the final production model is going to match the iPhone's dimensions almost dead-on.

Video quality was quite good even in the prototype stage, and as it's powered by lasers it always remains in focus; no adjustments are required. It looks to be a great accessory for notebooks, cell phones, and other mobile devices that contain content that you'd like to project onto a wall, floor, ceiling, or the back of an airplane seat (you can expect approximately 2 hours of battery life). Microvision has partnered with Motorola, so hopefully we'll see the Pico P engine integrated into phones (no ETA was given).  Check the video below for availability, pricing, and hands-on sweetness.

[flv:/flvs/PicoProjector.flv 480 360]