Hands-On With MobileFiles for iPhone

In November you'll have a way to quickly access your Office documents stored on Google Maps, iDisk, and Box.net for free with Quickoffice's MobileFiles for iPhone. The application, which will be available from the iTunes iPhone application store, lets you access and view your stored files, and even save them for viewing offline later. You won't be able to edit the documents directly with MobileFiles, but the company has two applications that will be available later this year that will allow you to create and edit Word and Excel documents. During our hands-on, the application still had a few small kinks to be worked out, but overall we were impressed that we could quickly fly through Office documents stored online, and zoom in and out of each. As a free application, this will definitely be one worth checking out in November. View a quick video demo of MobileFiles below. [flq:b148ab040ac24b1187c3b642c974934c]