Hackintosh-Ready Netbooks Listed, Cataloged

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BoingBoing Gadgets OS X Netbooks TableHackintosh lovers, this post is for you. BoingBoing Gadgets helpfully put together a table showing netbooks that have been tested with OS X. Of the ten listed, only the MSI Wind and and the Dell Mini 9 retain all of their functionality without the need for hardware swaps (the acquisition of drivers and other tweaking may be required). Of the other eight, the Samsung NC10 fares pretty well, but swapping the Wi-fi hardware might be too much trouble for the casual user.  Same with the Acer Aspire one.  The Lenovo S10 is only missing Ethernet functionality; as long as Wi-fi is working that should be okay for most users.  The really intriguing one is the HP 2133 that has a big old UNVERIFIED banner across all five categories.  Underneath you can see that each has a green disk, indicating that OS X works across the board.  Hopefully it'll be verified soon. You can post any updates, corrections, or additions to the post's comments or e-mail them to the author.  I'm curious to see if anyone tries it on a Dell Mini 12, myself.
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  • iate12 Says:

    i know this isnt a netbook, but i was thinking about buying a macbook pro, when i saw HP had a 17" laptop with better features and a larger screen size then the macbook pro for the same price, the laptop is the HP dv7t quad core edition with 4gb ram, blu ray player ect. i was wondering if i would be able to run mac's OS X snow leopard without any problems, and any fixes or guids on how to do this, i dont understand the hackintosh ways but i would love to do this and get better features then the macbook pro for cheaper

  • Adam Says:

    I would be VERY surprised if the Mini12 gives you any level of success, specifically with the video card.

    There have been several reports of poor Poulsbo Linux drivers making it difficult to get anything other than 2.6.24.x ubuntu netbook remix to work with it. Anything later on Linux has had issues.

    I would expect osx to have similiar issues, even starting X

  • Rob Beschizza Says:

    Hah! The problem with the HP 2133 is that it uses unusual hardware, making it harder to make a hackintosh of it. While OSX has been shoehorned onto VIA machines like the OQO before, the chap who claims to have done it on the 2133 seems to be alone in his achievement. There are no reliable instructions we could find ... and it can easily be faked for the camera with remote desktop shenanigans.

    Corrections to the chart are most welcome.

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