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Google Smartwatch Could be Ready Within Months (Report)

Google Glass isn’t even for sale yet, but the search giant could be readying its next wearable tech venture. According to new reports, a Google-branded smartwatch is very close to production, and it will rely heavily on the Google Now service.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Google watch will run Android and will be able to provide such at-a-glance information such as news, weather, sports, travel information and other alerts. Like most smartwatches, Google’s offering would tether to your smartphonet. A person familiar with Google's plans  told the Journal that the watch would be able to make recommendations based on what its wearer was doing.

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Rumors surrounding a Google-crafted smartwatch have been circulating for quite some time, but the WSJ says that the device could be ready within months. Google is reportedly in talks with Asian suppliers about kicking the device into mass production, according to the publication's sources.

A previous report from 9to5Google’s Seth Weintraub earlier this month said that the watch could be called “Gem” and that Google is focusing on extending battery life with its smartwatch. It’s not clear which devices would be compatible with Google’s watch, but we're assuming most Android phones would work with the device. The Samsung Galaxy Gear has come under fire for only supporting Samsung's Galaxy handsets.

If the rumors hold up, Google would be one of several major tech brands breaking into the smartwatch space. Like Apple, Nokia and Microsoft, Google holds a few patents relating to wrist-worn tech, although the company has yet to publicly acknowledge such plans.

via The Wall Street Journal