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Google's Project Ara Looks Like Future of Smartphones

Google released a slew of details about its Project Ara modular smartphone earlier this year, and now its time to get to know the team behind it. A new video from Phonebloks provides a quick walkthrough of Google's offices, where we see some of the new hardware and software powering the company's most ambitious smartphone project yet.

We already know that Ara devices will be comprised of modules that users can swap out to their liking, and this new video shows how they'll stick together. The Ara team is using electropermanent magnets, which allows the individual modules to stay in place without an electrical charge. 

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3D Systems showed off some fun possibilities for modules in the video, including a 3D skull module, a LEGO-esque module and a module with a sunglass-donning cat on it. 

Lastly, the video features a few words from Eric Gunther from Soso Limited, a team working with Google to design the Ara configurator app. In the brief few seconds we saw the app in motion, it looks like users will be able to design their own Ara phones by simply swiping new modules in and out. It's likely that you'll be able to use this app to order the final product, though Google hasn't said for sure.

We still don't know when Google's innovative Ara concept will be available to consumers, but that may become more clear at the Ara Developers Conference on Apr. 15 and 16 in Mountain View, California.