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Google Play Music All Access Challenges Spotify

SAN FRANCISCO -- Google just jumped into the subscription music game with Google Play Music All Access, offering access to millions of tracks for $9.99 per month. Unlike Spotify and Pandora, All Access is completely interactive, which means you can not only see what songs are coming up next but also delete tracks from your radio playlist or even move them around.

The new Google music service also emphasizes discovery, recommending tracks for you based on what you've uploaded to Google Music and what you listen to on digital radio. When digging into genres, the new Google Play Music also offers playlists curated by music experts. Google says anything you're listening to can be turned into a radio station.

A new Listen Now feature lets you see everything from the album you just added to tracks and radio stations you've recently played. The goal of Listen Now is to let users jump right back into their favorite tunes.

Google Play Music is available today and is rolling out to phones, tablets and the Web. Those who sign up for service before July will pay $7.99 per month.