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Google Wants to Chauffeur You to Your Next Shopping Spree

Google already knows how to cater ads to your age, location and personal interests, but now the search giant wants to actually bring you to an advertiser’s location. A recently filed patent details a system in which Google would arrange transportation for those looking for an immediate shopping trip after viewing ads on their mobile device or PC.

For example, Google could use your smartphone’s location data to get you to the nearest mall with a Macy’s if you’re viewing an advertisement for the department store. The patent’s drawings also show a mobile device displaying an ad for a lunch special at a restaurant, which leads us to believe this would work well with Groupon-like discount services or Foursquare  as well.

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This doesn’t mean you should expect five-star car service, however. Google will look at a your personal information--such as location, occupation and purchasing history--to determine an appropriate mode of transportation. Additionally, the system would take into account how many people you’re traveling with.

So, if you and your friend want to take advantage of that lunch special, you would specify that you’re traveling with another person. Or if you’d like to binge on a shopping spree with five friends, the patent notes that transportation would get more expensive since a van or larger car would be necessary.

Google has a library of quirky, futuristic patents, so it’s unclear if we’ll ever see this technology come to market. But if this system does end up in our future mobile advertisements, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google’s self-driving cars on the road chauffeuring shoppers.