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Google Glass Retail Shops Reportedly In The Works

It may be difficult to get your hands on a pair of Google’s $1,500 Glass headsets, but that might change very soon. The search engine giant is reportedly considering opening Google Glass retail locations to show off its smart eyewear.

Although previous reports had indicated that Google would open its own stores to compete with the likes of Apple and Microsoft, these shops would be solely focused on Glass, a source allegedly told Business Insider. This source has reportedly met with Google cofounder Sergey Brin to plan the development of these purported Glass outlets.

The shops would be designed to help users become acquainted with the Android-based head-mounted display and its various features, the report said. At the moment Glass is only available for developers as part of its Explorer program, but the company has previously said that the headset will roll out for the public before the end of 2013. Previous rumors have indicated the launch price will be lower than the $1,500 developers are currently paying to test the headset.

The idea of Google opening retail locations focused toward Glass isn't that surprising. Buying a device such as Glass without at least trying it first isn’t the same as ordering a smartphone or tablet online — it’s a lot of cash to drop on something that isn't already part of your daily life. While we don't know know if there’s real truth behind the rumor, we wouldn’t be shocked to see at least a few pop-up locations when Glass launches. 

via Business Insider