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Google Chromebooks May Support Intel Haswell CPUs

Google will reportedly equip its Chromebook line of laptops with Intel’s forthcoming line of Haswell CPUs, which promises to deliver longer battery life to the Web-based notebooks. ZDNet uncovered Haswell-supported code within alternative boot software for Chrome OS called Coreboot.

Google’s Chrome OS team began support for Coreboot last year. The code was supplied by a Google software engineer Stefan Reinauer. The direct references within the coding language include “haswell: use dynamic cbmem” and “haswell boards: support added chromeos function”.

Chromebooks are ultraportable laptops that run a lightweight operating system based on the Chrome Web browser and rely on Web apps for activities such as editing documents, playing documents, listening to music, etc. 

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Some current Chromebooks already run on Intel processors, but the most recent release, the Chromebook Pixel, powers a 2560 x 1700-pixel display with an Intel Core i5 processor. That specs pairing led the system to last just a few hours during our battery test. Intel’s Haswell chips boast a 22-nanometer architecture that’s designed to provide better battery power for mobile devices.

ARM-powered Chrome OS systems -- such as the Samsung Series 3 that lasted more than 7 hours during our tests -- are currently the battery life champs. But if this rumor is true, Intel Chromebooks could give ARM a run for its money.

Via ZDNet