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Google Apps for Android to Get Updated With New Features

Along with its new Nexus 7 announcement, Google has announced some minor tweaks to its suite of apps to optimize the experience for tablet users. The company will soon push out an update for Google Maps, Google Drive and its Chrome browser among other apps.

Google Chrome for Android will now support full-screen Web browsing and can translate foreign text just like the desktop version. A new feature for Google Maps called Explore lets users browse across categories such as food, shops and other attractions to visit. For example, clicking the food tile will bring users to a page that breaks restaurants in your area down into various categories with reviews and Zagat ratings. You can select a restaurant to see more information such as its hours, website and ratings, and some allow indoor views through Google Maps as well. Additionally, Google Maps will bring up incident reports, details and status updates on your current route, and alerts will also appear if the app finds a faster route.

Google Drive for Android will see some improvements such as a photo-rich user interface for online files and a new navigation drawer with shortcuts in Google Docs. Google Play’s book section now supports text books, and users can rent books instead of purchasing them for an 80 percent discount. Full-screen sharing through Google’s Hangout app will also be added in a future update, which means that you can share documents and images through the tablet’s screen while you’re chatting.

Google has not mentioned when this update will occur, but preceded the announcement by revealing that the Google Play store has seen more than 50 billion app downloads.