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Google Accuses Nokia, Microsoft Of Conspiring To Feed 'Patent Trolls'

Time to take off the gloves! Yesterday, Google accused Nokia of colluding with Microsoft to stifle innovation in the smartphone industry by transferring over 1,200 collective patents to MOSAID Technologies Inc., a Canadian company whose bread-and-butter is collecting royalties from its intellectual property portfolio. Google fired off more than just words; the company filed a formal complaint with the European Union over the alleged conspiracy.

"Nokia and Microsoft are colluding to raise the costs of mobile devices for consumers, creating patent trolls that side-step promises both companies have made," Google told Reuters in a formal statement. "They should be held accountable, and we hope our complaint spurs others to look into these practices."

Nokia wasted no time in responding. In a separate Reuters report, a Nokia spokesman says flatly, "Though we have not yet seen the complaint, Google's suggestion that Nokia and Microsoft are colluding on intellectual property rights is wrong."

The smartphone industry has been rocked by multiple patent battles of late. Nokia has thrown its lot in with Microsoft and the Windows Phone platform; in addition to releasing phones, the two companies have been creating litigation headaches for Android-friendly manufacturers in recent months. Nokia's already sued HTC and Viewsonic for patent infringement, while Microsoft has signed licensing deals with most of the major Android manufacturers. One of the major holdouts, the Google-owned Motorola Mobility, was recently found to be infringing on a Microsoft patent by a Munich court.

Image credit: Microsoft