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G Styled: Powerbag Backpack - Cool & Powerful

I think if any bag post can redeem the last time you saw me with a bag here at LAPTOP, it would be this one. PowerBag's line of backpacks, messenger bags, and more is designed by fl, which—though I've never heard of the company before—makes some stylish bags.

Now not only is the Powerbag Backpack stylish, it is also comfortable to wear. And here is the kicker: This bag has power! Ever find yourself out and about, far from an outlet and, when you look at your device, you see it has almost no power left? This is especially true of us smartphone users.

The Powerbag Backpack has an internal battery that can charge your iPod/iPhone/iPad and a host of other gadgets with its microUSB and mini-USB connectors. It even has an on-board USB port so you can connect your own cable.

The Powerback Backpack comes in three colors: black, blue, and red. I currently looking at the Black one, but I'm partial to Blue. The Powerbag is definitely a cool way to carry your gear and power it at the same time. That is a win-win in my book!

Powerbag Backpack G Style Rating: Fashion Star