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G-Form Introduces Extreme Portfolio for Extreme iPad Protection

G-Form has introduced the new Extreme Portfolio that uses Reaction Protection Technology, which is the same stuff used to make elbow and knee pads for skateboarding and biking. The material is soft to the touch, but stiffens upon impact.

In this video,the Extreme Portfolio is shown being dropped from 60 feet onto a concrete floor, only for the iPad to be damage-free and working fine at the end of it. The same test is done with a competing case, which fails miserably, and results in the iPad being seriously damaged.

The Extreme Portfolio works by holding the device in place in the corners while the case absorbs 90 percent of the impact and stiffens to protect the contents.

The case comes with an inside pocket, an adjustable easel, and a reversible zipper. The Extreme Portfolio is also lightweight and water resistant. The case comes in either black or yellow, and fits the Apple iPad 1, iPad 2, and Motorola Xoom, as well as other 10-inch tablets.

The Extreme Portfolio is available for $79.95, and can be pre-ordered at Shipping will begin on August 11th.