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Former Nokia Employees Demo New Smart Phone Operating System

Nokia dropped the mobile MeeGo operating system like a hot potato when the company decided to hitch its future to the Windows Phone bandwagon, but not everyone in the company agreed with the decision to dump the Linux-based OS. A handful of former Nokia employees formed Jolla to continue working on MeeGo, and today, the team unveiled Sailfish OS, a slick new operating system that represents the fruits of their labor.

KickNetwork's superb video below has an extensive look at Sailfish in action, which we highly recommend watching. (Jolla released a video of its own, but it's less informative than the hands-on.) A couple of interesting UI features float to the forefront, however, including an "ambiance" function that can create a custom theme from any image as well as the operating system's ability to seamlessly swipe an app to the homescreen to use it as a widget.

Sailfish's Linux-based roots also allow it to run most Android apps with ease, the developers claim.

Jolla took time to announce a few business deals amidst the unveiling. ST-Ericsson will provide chips for the initial batch of Sailfish-based phones, while Finnish carrier DNA pledged to carry Sailfish handsets when they launch. D.Phone, a massive Chinese retailer, has also agreed to carry Sailfish devices in its 2,000-plus stores. The developers say more manufacturer support is forthcoming.