Eee PC 1000H Runs Vista Home Premium with Very Few Hiccups

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According to our buds JKKMobile and Kevin O'Brien over at Notebook Review, Vista running on Intel Atom powered mini-notebooks isn't only not bad, it works like a charm. In fact Kevin proved that installing Vista on the MSI Wind made it faster; benchmarks, such as WPrime, were higher in Vista over XP.

Vista better than XP on a mini-notebook? Puzzling? Yep. I had to see it to believe it. So loading Vista Home Premium onto the Eee PC 1000H was my weekend activity.

Simple Install, Drivers Needed
Installing Windows Vista Home Premium onto the Eee PC 1000H was a breeze and took about 45 minutes. When I first went to boot the system I was, of course, missing all the necessary drivers. ASUS lays out all the necessary drivers of the 1000H on its Web site and even though they are designed for XP they each work flawlessly in Vista.

Note that I had to use another computer to download the Ethernet and wireless drivers but once I ported those over to the 1000H via a USB stick I was able to download the rest of the drivers directly to the system. Those that are planning to put Vista on their Eee PCs should be sure to download the ASUS Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Driver; this driver is necessary for getting the wireless LAN hardware to work correctly.

Once all the drivers were installed everything just worked. The quick launch buttons on the top of the keyboard were programmable and the Super Hybrid CPU engine integrated with Vista.

Swift Application Launching
Granted I was a bit put off by the 1 minute boot up time, but when it came to actual everyday performance I was seriously impressed. Application launch times and the multi-tasking proved to be no obstacle. It was nothing like I had experienced with the HP Mini-Note 2133 (powered by VIA's CM7 chipset) running Vista. Opening Windows Media Player was swift and took less than 2 seconds. Simultaneously chatting in Skype and Digsby while surfing the Web in Firefox 3 didn't hold up the system at all. For those that are interested, the Vista Experience score is rated at 2.7.

Smooth Graphics and Video
I was even more impressed when it came to making a video call in Skype (which I wasn't even able to do on the HP Mini-Note). The call connected quickly and our video launched within 5 seconds. The quality was pretty good as well; images of our caller were clear and void of any pixelation.

Streaming an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia over looked sweet. There was no blur or pauses. Similarly, a downloaded HD clip from Microsoft had no motion blur or skips when played back in Windows Media Center.

Shorter Battery
Vista on the Eee PC 1000H performs almost as well as Windows XP, except in the area of battery life. On our battery test (which cycles Web sites over and over again in Firefox) Eee PC 1000H running Windows XP lasted 4 hours and 28 minutes. With Vista running the system got about 4 hours of run time.

So do I beleive it now? Does Vista run just as well, if not better, than Windows XP? It surely runs better than I ever thought it would. Those that need to run Vista or want to run Vista should have no fear. The Eee PC 1000H its Intel Atom processor can handle "the wow."

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  • Sofiko Says:

    well no they did not for me ... I always get an error message when I try intalling them saying something like ... program not supported "wnt_6.0H_32.MCE"

    Help ??

  • Martin Says:

    try using the drivers for xp they will work with vista

  • rhodell Says:

    i've installed vista home premium on eee pc1000h, vga drivers are easy to find cuase its intel graphics, but there are no bluetooth drivers...

  • DavidB Says:

    I can't find vista driver for eee pc1000h.
    please help me

  • justin Says:

    hey i need help, i have windows 7 on my 1000h and i hear it is the exact same as windows vista almost in the os and everything. could you give me a link to download the lan driver plz? i need it and i wont recognize that i have anything plugged into it at all, help appreciated thanks

  • weaver Says:

    by my calculation you only lose 1/2 an hour! 4h 28mins, vs 4h.... not 3-4... so yeah vista is worth it at least for me when i get my eee

  • Stian Says:

    Is it worth getting Vista when you loose about 3-4 hours of battery life?

  • guest Says:

    ASUS claims 6600mAh battery lasts 7.5hrs. i barely get 4 in xp or vista. idling, lcd on, max brightness, bt off, lan, wifi off.

  • Frank Says:

    When I try this...the ACPI does not recognize the audio driver. My audio hotkeys do not work because of this? how did you get around this problem?

  • kayronjm Says:

    True...the ACPI driver worked on Vista??
    There's a lot of people on the Internet waiting for a Vista driver for it because no one can seem to get it to work..
    How did you!? lol

  • RyoBerlin Says:

    Hmm... where are the ACPI and Super hybrid Engine Drivers for vista?... nothing to find.

    Fake News ohr what?

  • Londres Says:

    I wonder if all the versions of vista runs as well as each other on the ee maybe someone can comment on this??

  • zinger Says:

    oki i have .
    Evrything is on eee dvd :)

  • zinger Says:

    Where you find Super hybrid Engine drivers for vista?
    Show me link please :)

  • Johnny M Says:

    I run Vista Basic on my Eee PC 1000H and it is as fast as XP. It is a great upgrade from the highly dated Windows XP.

    Oh by the way how about Vista Basic Upgrade for $40. Checkout the web site below.

  • Nova Says:

    Nice. Too bad M$ wants over $200 for even just Home Premium.

    They can kiss my something or other. $4+ gas and rising food prices = no extra money for the super rich from me. If Vista Home was maybe like $50, then maybe I'd try it.


  • asdf Says:

    4 hours 28 seconds vs about 4 hours?

    Is there a typo here?

  • Sascha Says:

    Yeah, i got convinced, too. But i still don't like Vista, it confuses me sometimes even more than XP does :p

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