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Microsoft Won't Stop its Browser Battery Beef with Google

The browser battery life wars of 2016 aren't over, with Microsoft firing the latest salvo at Google.

Back in June, Microsoft claimed that Edge users get 70 percent more battery life than Chrome users. Shortly after, the software giant put notices in Windows 10 prompting PC owners to switch to Edge. The Google Chrome team finally responded in early September with a video showing an old and current build of Chrome going head to head on Surface Books (just like Microsoft's original video), with Build 53 improving battery life by 2 hours and 12 minutes.

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You'd think that might end the petty argument between the two browser titans -- see Microsoft, you got Google to work harder! --  but Microsoft isn't having it. In a blog post, the company showed off a new test using Edge after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, and Edge still beats Chrome handily when looping video (8:47, to Chrome's 6:03).

Of course, there's many ways to run battery tests. Looping video is one popular way. Others use synthetic benchmarking software like MobileMark. Here at Laptop Mag, we continuously browse the web over Wi-Fi until the computer conks out.

Microsoft's full post is an interesting read for stats nerds, filled with testing methodology, charts and numbers. Google hasn't issued any sort of response, but there's still time for the biggest tech beef in 2016 to get more dramatic.

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