Disable Error Reporting in Windows 8.1, Windows 8 or Windows 7

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They say that snitches get stitches, but if you're Microsoft Windows, you get patches instead. By default, the operating system narcs details to Microsoft every time an app crashes under the guise of finding a solution to whatever caused the lock up. In reality, the error reporting only slows your computer down and needlessly sends some data to Redmond. Here's how to disable Windows error reporting.

To disable Windows error reporting in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7

1. Navigate to the Action Center. You can find the Action Center in the control panel. It may also appear as a flag icon in your system tray.

select action center

2. Click Change Action Center settings.

change action center settings

3. Click Problem reporting settings at the bottom of the window.

click problem reporting settings

4. Select Never Check for solutions and click OK.

never check for solutions

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  • Gavin Says:

    I'm looking into the same issue, however I don't seem to have the action cent. Instead i have a security and maintenance, that looks very similar. The issue is when i go into "Change Security and Maintenance settings" i cant find the "Problem Reporting settings" and outside of that no never check for solutions check box. I am working with the most recent version of windows 10.

  • Billy Says:

    Thank you very much. It worked for me.

  • mohammedassen Says:

    this is a nice continuous by more condition

  • Underdrummer Says:

    I followed these directions and checked, "Never check for solutions" but Windows Error Reporting still shows in task manager from time to time and I don't think it is a coincidence that when it shows up, my PC is near frozen. How do I stop this service from EVER waking up? When it does show up, it sucks all the CPU usage. I want to destroy it, like erase it from existence man. You dig?

  • sagin Says:

    The operating system couldn't be loaded because a crical system driver is missing or contains errors.

    error code:0xc000007

    file: \windows\system32\spaceport.sys.

  • john Says:

    Thanks dude! Fixed me right up!

  • Mike Pote Says:

    I take a dim view of programs like Reg Cure Pro giving hassels in the name of Windows

    Maybe it is time we have a relook at windows, is there any other program to use

  • Sketch Says:

    Only works if you haven't killed action center off, so anyone have a solution that works after having removed this hunk of trash?

  • Gary Says:

    Thank You my windows 8 error reporting has stopped since I found out how to turn off error reporting.

  • andrea fin Says:

    windows 8 used to kill firefox flash plugin with its problem solving thing popup saying it had crashed, which so far as i can see freezes the plugin causing firefox to say its unresponsive
    which crashes the plugin and i get spammed with crash problem solving messages for EACH flash vid on webpage. when i got the 8.1 update i had option on install to turn it off. result? flash plugin worked fine. yesterday i got a big update which switched it on again and flash is now being falsely reported as crashing causing the plugin to crash again...how do i kill off the problem solving thing so it never ever gets turned on ever? the options to never report just make the thing come up only wit the option to close the plugin NOT turn off the faulty crash causing problem solver!

  • rize Says:

    After upgrading to Win8.1 my scroll function hangs up and I have to refresh the screen to scroll. I'm using IE 11 and the latest driver from Synaptics for my touchpad. Does anyone have similar issues and have figured out a workaround. I did not have scrolling issues with Win8.

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