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How to Create a Slide Deck Presentation without Leaving Evernote

Few know of a really cool premium feature in Evernote that allows you to create full slide deck presentations without ever leaving the platform. Now, instead of firing up PowerPoint or Keynote, you can just organize notes in the order you want them and complete the presentation within Evernote -- complete with custom images, video, design elements and hand-drawn embellishments.

1. Open Evernote and log in if necessary.

2. Control click multiple images to highlight them.

3. Click Start Presentation.

4. Move the cursor to act as a built-in laser pointer when discussing specific topics or pointing to presentation elements.

You can highlight text and click links from here as well.

5. You can also click the sun or moon icon to select dark or light mode from the next icon over.

6. Press Control + L to edit the order of the notes, add page breaks, or adjust styling.

7. Use Spacebar to scroll through a single note, or Control + Space to move to the next slide.