Clickfree Debuts C2N, Transformer Network Edition, and Traveler MicroSD for BlackBerry

Clickfree continues its mission to deliver non-hassle backup solutions with the introduction of four new products: The C2N, Transformer Network Edition Adapter, Traveler SD Card, and Traveler MicroSD for BlackBerry.

The C2N backup drive series (pictured right) allows you to automatically back up multiple PCs in  your home or office thanks to the company's new BackupLink technology. You simply connect it to each computer on  your network via USB (only once) and then leave it connected to any one computer in order to backup all computers. The software can even extract and organize e-mail attachments, and comes with 256-bit hardware-accelerated encryption. It will be available in 250GB ($159), 320GB ($179), 500GB ($199), and 640GB ($219) sizes.

Sporting the same backup technology, the Transformer Network Edition Adapter works the same way as the C2N; but you'll need to bring your own external hard drive to the party. The dongle connects the hard drive to your computer and adds all the automatic networking backup fun. It's expected to retail for $99.99.

And if an external drive isn't the answer for you, Clickfree is now adding SD cards to the mix of simple backup solutions. Pop the card into your laptop's memory card slot and it automatically searches, organizes, and backs up data. You can also set it to back up on a schedule.

And because balancing coffee on your lap with a laptop in the airport can be a tricky maneuver, Clickfree can also turn your smart phone into a backup device with the Traveler MicroSD for BlackBerry. The password-protected encryption means when you insert the card into the phone and connect your phone to your laptop, the one-touch backup will be secure. After a first use, every time you connect your BlackBerry to your notebook, the card will automatically backup new or changed office files. The SD and MicroSD cards will be available in 16GB ($89.99) or 32GB ($149) capacities.