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Chumby Widgets Are Temporarily Dead, Except for the Alarm Clock

What's a Chumby owner to do? According to Chumby's website, Chumby Industries went belly up back in December 2011 and since then, the platform and service has been kept alive by a small group of volunteers and paid for by several different companies. Unfortunately, Chumby's luck ran out and users were notified the whole service would shut down in mid-February of 2013 due to a lack of funds. And that's exactly what happened.

Fear not Chumby users, all hope is not lost. Remember that group of volunteers? One of them took it upon himself to create the company Blue Octy, LLC, to acquire all of Chumby Industries remaining assets. The company doesn't have enough money to actually restore full service, but they have created a stub service, which is hopefully a temporary fix. The stub service allows Chumby devices to authenticate on the network, play music and maintains a single widget-- the alarm clock. 

All of Chumby's users' data has been backed up and preserved with the idea that as soon as Blue Octy receives enough funding, full service will be restored. It's a tall order, but not impossible. Chumby has approximately 40,000 users, which is an attractive number for a company looking for an instant user base. Clearly, they're a passionate group, too. How many user communities resuscitate a service after the company closes its doors? The stub service is meant to be temporary fix, and, with any luck, that's exactly what it will be.

via and The Verge