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Bloomberg: Nokia Windows Phone 8 Handset Headed to Verizon

If Microsoft wants to spur on adoption of Windows Phones, the company needs to do a better job of getting its handsets into the largest mobile carrier in the country. Verizon Wireless only offers a single Windows Phone at the moment, the HTC Trophy, and it's well over a year old. That could be changing soon, however; Bloomberg reports that Verizon plans on carrying a Windows 8 Phone manufactured by Nokia by the end of the year.

Verizon has remained cool towards Microsoft since the KIN debacle, though Bloomberg's source says the addition of the Nokia WP8 phone will be the culmination of mutual efforts to thaw out the relationship.

Nokia and Microsoft have a joint press event scheduled for September 5th, where the companies are expected to pull back the curtain on the first Windows Phone 8 handsets. Verizon isn't part of the festivities, and in fact, it's holding a joint press event of its own with Motorola in the very same city on the very same day, where the Droid RAZR HD is expected to be announced.

In July, Richard Kerris, Nokia's VP of worldwide developer relations, told Neowin that "it won't be long" before new Windows Phones hit Verizon stores, which lends credence to Bloomberg's claims.