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Bitdefender's Clueful Keeps Apps From Snooping on You

Antivirus maker Bitdefender is helping to make sure that slick new app you just downloaded isn't snooping on you with its new Clueful app for Android. The app, which is now available for free through the Google Play store, searches all of the apps on your handset or tablet and checks them the to see what types of permissions they require you to agree to in order to run.

If an app requires suspicion permissions, Clueful will flag it as either high-risk, moderate-risk or low-risk. For example, if you download a wallpaper app from the Google Play Store that requires permission to view your contacts or browser history, Clueful will flag it as a high risk app. The software works by checking each app against Bitdefender's constantly updated cloud-based database of malicious apps.

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When Clueful is first installed, it will automatically search through all of your apps and, based on the risk level of each app, provide you with an overall Privacy Score ranked from zero to 100. The higher your Privacy Score, the more at risk your handset is. Once the app has assessed your Privacy Score, you can view a full list of your apps based on their risk assessment. 

Tapping the High Risk Apps tab at the bottom of the screen brings up a list of all of the high-risk apps stored on your Android device. Tap an individual apps to see what permissions requires you to accept that are out of the ordinary. If you determine that the app is indeed a high-risk, you can choose to either Dislike! it and send a message to your friends via email or your favorite social network telling them to be wary 0f the malicious app. Similarly, you can choose to uninstall the app directly from Clueful.

Once Clueful completes its first scan, it will automatically scan any new apps you download and advise you of their risk assessment. Of course, even perfectly safe apps such as Netflix and Clueful itself, will show up in the low-risk apps list, ensuring you know what every app on your device has access to.

Clueful is currently available through the Google Play store for free.