Bentley Gives Flying Spur Upgraded Screen, Backseat Remote

In the tradition of Sean "P. Diddy / Diddy" Combs, Bentley's superstar Continental Flying Spur is shortening its name to the Flying Spur as it adds new skills. This week Bentley announced that the 2014 car will include tech enhancements such as an upgraded 8-inch color display, a touch-screen remote for backseat passengers and an 8-channel, 8-speaker sound system.

The Flying Spur isn't the only model that will receive a few updates. Bentley is also sprucing up the Mulsanne, adding two rear tables to accommodate iPads and wireless keyboards. The iPads will charge when the car is running and can be removed for use outside the car. A wireless router antenna has been stashed in the trunk, effectively turning the rear cabin into a mobile hotspot.

One thing that hasn't been adjusted is the enormous price tag that comes with buying a Bentley. There's no word on the Mulsanne's pricing, but the 2014 Flying Spur will set you back over $200,000.

Sherri L. Smith
Editor in Chief

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