ASUS Set To Surpass Toshiba In Worldwide Market Share, Still Lags Behind In the U.S.

Both Gartner and IDC recently came out with preliminary PC shipment numbers for the second quarter of 2010 which, overall, show a growth of over 20% -- good news for computer makers. An interesting bit of data the numbers reveal is that ASUS may have overtaken Toshiba in market share, knocking the 25 year old company from the Top 5. The numbers from each source vary slightly, with IDC putting Toshiba ahead of ASUS by a very slim margin and Gartner switching them up, but with a similarly small difference in numbers:

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IDC NumbersGartner Numbers
RankVendor2Q10 Market Share2Q10/2Q09 GrowthRankVendor2Q10 Market Share2Q10/2Q09 Growth
3Acer Group12.6%20.8%3Dell12.4%19.0%

These are preliminary findings, though, and once the final numbers are in Toshiba may still hold the number 5 spot. But ASUS is definitely not far behind, if so. The numbers above also reflect worldwide shipments. Apparently in America Toshiba's position is a bit firmer, and also not very far behind Apple.

However, Asian PC makers are definitely making American companies sweat a little, especially with their pretty steep growth. Dell's recaptured their second place lead for now (according to IDC), but will that hold through the last two quarters?