Asus Planning 11-Inch Netbook

Remember when ASUS CEO Jerry Shen said that its Eee PC line up would never get larger than systems with 10-inch displays? Well it looks like ASUS may be back tracking on its word. According to Digitimes, ASUS plans to launch an 11.6-inch Eee PC later this month:

[ASUS] will still consider 10-inch the mainstream specification for 2009, accounting for 50% of total shipments, while 11.6-inch models will account for 30%, according to company president Jerry Shen.

Additionally, the company plans to launch ultraportable like systems based on Intel's upcoming CULV processors. A 15.4-inch notebook, called the XS15, it is reported to be priced at $1063-1330 and a 13.3-inch model priced at 599-699 Euros. The company also plans to launch 14-inch models this year. We expect ASUS to launch many of its new Eee models at Computex in early June where we will be in attendance. So stay tuned.