No More Tears: ASUS Adds G-Sync to G751 Gaming Notebook

TAIPEI -- Desktop PC gamers have had access to Nvidia G-Sync for a while now, but laptops that support this innovative graphics-enhancement will be available starting this month. At its annual Computex press conference, Asus took the wraps off its first G-Sync-enabled notebook, a new configuration of the popular G751 series.

Introduced in 2014, G-Sync eliminates the tearing and ghosting that occurs when a monitor's refresh rate doesn't match the frame rate of a computer's video card. About half a dozen monitors and 10 Nvidia GPUs support this standard. 

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During our brief hands-on, we ran an Nvidia G-Sync demo application on the G751 and watched as a 3D animation of some columns and a clock rotated around. With Nvidia's technology disabled, we noticed significant tearing as parts of the columns appeared as visual artifacts. However, when we turned G-Sync on, the artifacts went away and all parts of the animation appeared smooth and sharp.

We reviewed a G751JY without G-Sync back in October and were impressed with its blazing fast performance and attractive design. With G-Sync on board, this laptop becomes an even more compelling choice for gamers on the go. An Asus representative told us that G751 notebooks with the new technology will start shipping this month. There's no word yet on pricing.

Avram Piltch
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