Apple Pencil 2 Will Fix the Original’s Worst Flaw

The Apple Pencil is a stylus that offers a lightweight design and buttery smooth drawing with nearly no lag or latency, but it's got one terrible flaw. Charging the Apple Pencil is the worst, but it might be getting better soon for the long-rumored Apple Pencil 2.

To charge the current Apple Pencil, you either need to stick it directly into the Lightning port on the bottom of the iPad, which has always looked and felt terrible — as if you're setting yourself up to snap it off the tablet. The other option is to plug the Pencil's included lightning adapter into the Stylus, and plug a Lightning cable into that. Neither is good. 

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Fortunately, a late-breaking report from leaker Benjamin Geskin says that Apple's going to add a "new charging method," in the "Apple Pencil 2018." Expect to see confirmation (or repudiation) of this rumor tomorrow, as we expect Apple to show off the new Pencil alongside the new iPad Pros at its Brooklyn, NY event on Oct. 30. 

While Geskin didn't specifically say this new method will be better, it would be hard for Apple to find a way to make a worse way to charge its stylus.  

Apple Pencil 2018: - Design is even more minimalistic, the silver rail on top is now gone.- Tap and Swipe gestures along the pencil.- Magnetically attachable to the new iPad. - New charging method. — Ben Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) October 29, 2018

Geskin's other notes about the new Apple Pencil — which hasn't been updated since its original Nov. 2015 release — state "Design is even more minimalistic, the silver rail on top is now gone," that Apple will add tap and swipe gestures to the barrel of the Pencil and that the accessory will magnetically attach "to the new iPad."

The best case scenario, if you ask me, is if the Pencil charged while it was magnetically attached. The new iPad Pros will likely feature a new design with a thinner bezel, no home button and Face ID.

Credit: Laptop Mag