Apple Magic Mouse Fix

When I saw this post on CrunchGear about the Magic Mouse fix, I sighed with relief: it's not just me! Other people have issues with the Magic Mouse, too. I've been using this mouse for the past week and have been unable to determine how anyone can stand to use it for more than a half an hour or even why it's all that special. Yes, doing multitouch gestures on it is nice, but you can't do all of them, so what's the point? Worse, it makes my hand and wrist crampy, something a mouse should not do.

Over at Magic Mouse, Fixed, an Apple-obsessed user devised a solution for the problem: adding a bumper to the back of the mouse that allows the user's hand to sit in a more ergonomically comfortable position when using the mouse. My hand feels less pained already.

If you already own a Magic Mouse it's probably worth the $10 (plus $3 international shipping) to get this useful device. I guess you can try making one yourself, if you've got a DIY bent. For my part, I'm going back to my standard: the Logitech Trackman Wheel