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AMD Unveils 'Trinity' ULV Processor for Ultraportable Laptops

In a direct challenge to Intel's Ultrabooks, AMD officially entered the ultraportable market when it revealed its new ultra-low-voltage (ULV) "Trinity" processor last week at CES. AMD designed the Trinity ULV to reduce the price of ultraportable laptops (nicknamed "Ultrathins" by AMD) and make the ultraportable market more competitive. According to AMD, the Trinity ULV boasts all the features of a premium 35W "Trinity" APU (such as 25 percent increase in x86 performance, 50 percent greater graphics processing power and new video processing capabilities), and is the only quad-core, low-voltage processor currently on the market.

According to DigiTimes, Ultrathins sporting AMD's Trinity ULV will be $100-$200 cheaper than Ultrabooks that feature Intel's Ivy Bridge processor. As many as 20 ultraportable notebooks will feature the Trinity ULV in 2012. HP, Acer and ASUS are among the manufacturers expected to produce Ultrathins using AMD's new processor.

via DigiTimes