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AMD Shows Brazos-Powered Tablet Running Ice Cream Sandwich

Unlike Intel, which showed off its Android-running Medfield chip at CES, AMD has no official plans to support Google's mobile operating system. Still, that hasn't stopped the Android development community from porting Ice Cream Sandwich over to the MSI WindPad 110W, a Windows tablet powered by AMD's Brazos platform.

At CES last week, the company showed off a hacked WindPad 110W with Android 4.0 on it. In a brief demo, AMD reps showed  how the Brazos C-50-powered tablet could run an animated fishtank wallpaper smoothly, pinch-to-zoom on web pages in the browser without any lag, and even play a 3D basketball game with great aplomb.

Though AMD was not involved in porting Ice Cream Sandwich to the device and hasn't announced an intention to support Android, a company rep said that the work Google has done with Intel on creating x86 compatible versions of its operating system makes this kind of port possible. If partners like MSI want to use AMD's chips on an Android slate in the future, they may not even need much support from the chipmaker.