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AMD Announces 8000M Series of Radeon HD Mobile GPUs

Here at CES 2013, AMD announced the Radeon HD 8000M series of GPUs. There will be four lines; 8500M, 8600M, 8700M and 8800M. At the event we attended, AMD stated that these GPUs should start appearing in ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung and other notebooks in the coming weeks.

The Radeon HD 8000M series will support Direct X 11.1, improved power management, automatic switching between integrated and dedicated graphics chips and more. AMD claims that these new GPUs perform 25 percent better than the previous-gen 7000M series. The 8500M and 8600M lines are geared toward mainstream users and will have up to 1GB of RAM, while the 8700M and 8800M lines are aimed toward gamers and will have up to 2GB of RAM.

Will the Radeon HD 8000M series help bridge the gap between AMD and Nvidia? Only time will tell. In the meantime, stay tuned for coverage of future AMD annoucements, reviews of gear powered by Radeon HD 8000M series GPUs and all things CES 2013.